Capture Every Inspiration

Your thoughts and inspirations right under your fingertips, whenever you need them, on your own memory map.

Sparkler is not a note-taking application

We built a whole new way of information storing from the ground up to make you capture every single inspiration. We specifically designed it for the explorers, learners and creators.

Sparkler is like a digital extension of your brain. It is a memory map that contains all your important information in one place. It comes with advanced features that make you feel every information of yours is right under your fingertips.

Sparkler is handy, intelligent and familiar. It's like having your own private Google that contains all your information.

Extension of Your Memory

Remarkably powerful for capturing information

Whenever anything noteworthy happens during the day, you can toss it into Sparkler without thinking about organizing. Sparkler sorts it and puts it in the right place on your map.

Blazing Fast

Almost as easy as taking a photo

Sparkler instantly links your information with relations, such as the location, the time, or who was around when you had this information. Your map is dynamically organized by these tags.


5W – who, what, when, where and why

Forget all about that blank page and demanding cursor. You can customize your information with only few clicks. You don't need to struggle with with folders, dividers, or hierarchy anymore.

Remember Everything

No more getting lost in your notes, bookmarks & photos

You don't need names or titles to remember. "What was the name of that book, Alex has recommended me, when we were at Coffeehouse?" Sparkler shoots you the answer right away.

Tap Into Your Knowledge

Sparkler gives you more than what you are looking for

Just like our mind jumps from thought to thought, Sparkler allows you to jump between your information and their relations so you can find new discoveries in your long-forgotten memories.

Capture Every Inspiration

Aren't you tired of piled up tabs in your internet browser?

Sparkler has an AI-powered 'Check Later' feature that allows you to save all of your inspirations in one place. You can also triage them and set a reminder to check later.

Get priority access to your memory map